Moments forever


We have gathered many beautiful moments during our journey

<a href=httpsiwinorgnzpage id=162>November 2020 Workshop on different forms of violence against women<a>
<a href=httpsiwinorgnzpage id=181>July 2021 Colours of Persia Art Show<a>
<a href=httpiwinorgnzpage id=244 data type=URL data id=iwinorgnzpage id=244>August 2021 Turn Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones by EmpowHer Community Organization<a>
<a href=httpsiwinorgnzpage id=258 data type=URL data id=httpsiwinorgnzpage id=258>November 2021 Group Meditation<a>
<a href=httpsiwinorgnzpage id=266>December 2021 Opening day of IWINs Farsi Library<a>
<a href=httpsiwinorgnzpage id=275 data type=URL data id=httpsiwinorgnzpage id=275>March 2022 International Womens Day<a>
<a href=httpsiwinorgnzpage id=283>March 2022 Nowruz celebration<a>
<a href=httpsiwinorgnzpage id=297 data type=URL data id=httpsiwinorgnzpage id=297>May 2022 Parenting workshop<a>
<a href=httpsiwinorgnzpage id=308 data type=URL data id=httpsiwinorgnzpage id=308>May 2022 Cake decoration workshop<a>
<a href=httpsiwinorgnzpage id=319>June 2022 Manawaka Ao Launch<a>
<a href=httpsiwinorgnzpage id=328>June 2022 The women employment action plan<a>
<a href=httpsiwinorgnzpage id=341 data type=URL data id=httpsiwinorgnzpage id=341>July 2022 Iranian Women Art Show<a>
<a href=httpsiwinorgnzpage id=374>August 2022 workshop for building a safer community with empathy and dignity<a>
<a href=httpiwinorgnzpage id=383>October 2022 Street art show<a>
<a href=httpsiwinorgnzpage id=395 data type=URL data id=httpsiwinorgnzpage id=395>October 2022 Women For Women Event<a>
<a href=httpsiwinorgnzpage id=410>November 2022 Panel Discussion<a>
<a href=httpsiwinorgnzpage id=425>December 2022 Fundraising Market<a>
<a href=httpsiwinorgnzpage id=439>December 2022 Small Gathering<a>

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