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About Us

Our Values & Goals

Our Vision

Celebrating and pursuing gender equality 
Encouraging community support and social empathy
Respecting moral and humanitarian values
Respecting religious and political diversity
Accepting differences of opinion

Our Mission

Promoting solidarity and collaboration among Farsi-speaking women and their families in New Zealand
Empowering and Supporting our women and their families
Creating a friendly and cheerful environment in the community
Providing psychological, legal, and social advice to our women
Connecting our women with organisations and agencies providing public services
Improving the social, economic, and educational opportunities for our women
Collaborating with other organisations and agencies working for women
Promoting charitable work, volunteerism and mentorship

Our Team

IWIN’s Board of Trustees
IWIN’s Team of Wellbeing & Mental Health
IWIN’s Team of Artists
Afghan-Iranian Women’s Coalition
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