Feature wall and Modern plaster art

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    A wall patina creates a look of aging on the finish, it can, making the wall seem much older than it is or you can use the modern design. It also gives the walls a sense of depth. Patina gives a unique, industrial and antique or modern look. You can use it for, TV wall, feature wall, kitchen, island…. .
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  • Marbel Patterns:
    • Perfect for, Island, kitchen and bedroom/ Headboard
  • Wooden Patern:
    • Perfect for Kitchens, Islands, Tv wall and Feature wall
  • Russian Rock Patern:
    • You can use it for bedroom/Headboard, Kitchen and Islands, Feature wall in living room and TV wall
  • Patina Persian Calligraphy:
    • You can use it for living room and dining room
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